A Message From Satguru Sri Ramana Devi

Through the Grace of our Beloved Brahman,  It is my honour to introduce to you. A Traditional Advaita Vedanta Ashram. A Divine place for the Atman to flourish and grow. A space where Oneness can be cultivated and embraced. The time for Love to permeate our beings is Now, there has been no better time in the past, and there is nothing that is real in the future, all we have is Now with the precious gift of this our present moment. The world is changing, and we must now decide to change with it. There is no place for anger, fear, lust or greed in this new world, only Love can survive the tides of time. Be a vessel for Love,
free yourself from the illusion of seperation and come home to your Real Self. Experience the Atman within, ignite the flames of your soul and allow the fire of the Self to become as real for you now as suffering once was.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 19.13.13SSRD Pashupati Ashram (UK)

Sri Ramana lives at Her beautiful 30 acre Ashram in Rossendale, Lancashire, UK. Sri Ramana lives a Sattvic, Cruelty Free Life, and Her Pashupati Ashram is a vegan farm and Animal Sanctuary with over forty animals who live there as souls, seeking self realisation! Sri Ramana shares passionately that we are all souls and were all created equally by God.

SSRD ekaH Yoga, Advaita Vedanta Ashram (On Line)

Sri Ramana is currently creating an Advaita Vedanta Ashram on line. This dynamic Ashram provides sadhaka’s living a householder life, or novice renunciates with a perfect medium to study, and gain knowledge of Advaita Vedanta. The on line Ashram also provides Skype teaching from Sri Ramana, and a forum for questions and answer sessions! With an abundance of material no-one ever needs to feel alone again in their personal quest for Moksha.







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